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Ginger on Film

Lucky Partners

This is actually three radio shows but the second one, Lucky Partners, stars Ginger Rogers.

The Thirteenth Guest

In the past there was a dinner party to which the thirteenth and final guest did not appear. Thirteen years later the host of the party dies and leaves the bulk of his estate to the mysterious

A Shriek in the Night

Ginger and Lyle are rival journalists vying for the scoop. They band together to solve a series of murders in an apartment building.

The Groom Wore Spurs

1951 directed by Richard Whorf starring Ginger Rogers, Jack Carson, Joan Davis with Victor Sen Yung. Actor Ben Castle is a phony singing cowboy who can not ride, sing, or act, and is afraid of guns

Finishing School

A 1934 film starring Frances Dee, Billie Burke, Ginger Rogers, Bruce Cabot and Beulah Bondi. A girl from a wealthy family is terribly excited to start her education at a fancy finishing school. There

We're in the Money

The famous opening song from the film Gold Diggers of 1933, performed by Ginger Rogers. All musical scenes in the film, including this one, were choreographed by the legendary Busby Berkeley.

20 Million Sweethearts

1934, Ginger Rogers, Dick Powell, Pat O'Brien.

Doing the Charleston

Here's a little clip of Ginger Rogers giving her best in a scene which was filmed for the movie Roxie Hart but which was not included in the final version of the film.

Romance in Manhatten

Rejected as an immigrant because he doesn't have the required $200, a Czech immigrant jumps ship and is befriended by a chorus girl and becomes a taxi driver.
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